Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker : Be Active and Involved

Nonprofit organizations and local causes depend on the support of community volunteers to survive, thrive and make a difference in people’s lives. As Caroline Rodgers, social worker knows, these indispensable community groups would not be able to consistently deliver the indispensable network of support to disadvantaged populations without the generosity of on-the-ground contributors, people who provide them the money, energy and framework they need to succeed.

social worker_5

An experienced community volunteer and passionate advocate for the less fortunate, Caroline Rodgers, social worker knows how important it is for community organizations to have a dedicated group of volunteers. These people are essential to the survival of these groups, and provide them the resources they need to be of effective service to people often left without any other source of support. Community health, strength and quality of life rely on the service of volunteers, an essential component of the nonprofit field.

Caroline Rodgers Social Worker  recommends active community involvement by anyone with a little extra time on their hands, and/or with the desire to be an impactful member of their local neighborhood. The generosity of local people is what helps to ensure victims of unfortunate circumstances, such as poverty and domestic violence, receive what they need to keep themselves safe, alive, protected and healthy.


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