Caroline Rodgers Social Worker – The Health Benefits of Walking

When Caroline Rodgers, social worker isn’t busy giving back to the community, helping people get back on their feet and lending a hand to children in need, she works to keep herself fit, active and healthy. As the current member of a local walking group, she is able to achieve her fitness and health goals by walking long distances through the English countryside, enjoying the serenity of nature while maintaining a healthy body and state of mind.

social worker_4

Caroline Rodgers social worker recommends walking as a simple, easy and effective way to stay in shape and maintain a strong sense of positive well-being. Walking helps her to combat the often negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, and to enjoy an activity with like-minded people who share her love of exercise, nature and exploration.

Walking long distances, as she knows, affords the individual the chance to see things and go places that just aren’t possible through driving or through working out at the gym. As Caroline Rodgers social worker knows, walking is a great way to relieve anxiety and stress, enjoy nature and socialize with people who share her interests and are enthusiastic about achieving a healthier life. She continues to make walking an essential and indispensable part of her exercise regimen.


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