Caroline Rodgers Social Worker A Firm Believer in BASW

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The BASW, or British Association of Social Workers, has the firm support of dedicated social worker Caroline Rodgers, who believes not only in the BASW’s mission, but also the incredible history of good work, representation and support the BASW has shown professionals throughout the social work community for many years.

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, first became a member of the BASW back in 1998, four short years after earning her CQSW from the esteemed University of North London. As a part of the organization, she has enjoyed the many benefits BASW membership provides its members, including the establishment of credibility needed for many to begin a successful career in London-based social work.

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Caroline Rodgers social worker, does her best to live up to the codes of conduct and ethical principles set forth by the British Association of Social Workers, a framework that includes that provides professionals helpful tools pertaining to the maintenance of healthy professional boundaries, the appreciation of diversity, human dignity and both professional and personal accountability. The rules, codes and principles established by the BASW, she believes, have helped to ensure a more effective social work community, one that can better meet the needs of the less fortunate and underprivileged populations of London.

The code of ethics created and set forth by the BASW has been of great benefit to Caroline Rodgers social worker throughout the course of her career, and has enabled her with an incredible amount of professional opportunities that have helped to solidify her as one of the best in the field of social work.

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