Is There a Need For a Mezzo #SocialWork Graduate Program?

Stuck on Social Work

In my own post on Social Work Helper I described the importance of breaking down the barrier between micro and macro social work. This led me to a place in the middle called Mezzo Social Work focusing on the family and smaller groups in the community.  It is when micro and macro concepts collide that can lead to a powerful social work intervention. Since writing the above article, two great examples of mezzo social work happened.

The first was a meeting with myself, my clients middle school team and his parent. Not only did we facilitate a conversation about the child’s needs we talked about changes in the school environment. We brainstormed and came up with some great plans. In a separate meeting our case management program got together with 2 other agencies we collaborate with.  We discussed case planning and potential limitations of our programs that we were not understanding. We will probably need to…

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