my takeaways from my social work internship experiences

David Ethm Kwon

This year’s internship is my sixth one thus far, and will most likely be my final internship. Considering that, I have come think a bit about what I think are key takeaways from my internship experiences.

1. The most important relationship I came to have in any given internship was the kind of relationship I had with my supervisor.

This semester I feel incredibly motivated and ambitious and inspired in my internship. Part of this is because for the first time ever I have my own assigned desk and computer and secured filing cabinets, and my own personal network ID, but again, it always comes back to the relationship I have with my supervisor. If I feel trusted, if I feel like I can give honest feedback and be respected, if I feel supported at times when I feel overwhelmed, then it’s that much easier to be successful in my…

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