Caroline Rodgers Social Worker – Creating a Stronger, More Compassionate Community for All


Caroline Rodgers, social worker, is committed to strengthening the London community, and to providing a helping hand to those in the most need. As someone who has devoted her life to the help and support of others, Caroline Rodgers understands the importance of volunteers to local organizations and populations who rely on others for functionality and survival.

Caroline Rodgers, social worker has spent much of her personal and professional life in the service of those in the most need, including the London homeless population, which she continues to support through the pursuit of better living and working opportunities. The consummate humanitarian and long-time value to the field of social work, Rodgers has spent a great deal of her free time volunteering for the community, including working with the Women’s Aid organization and with black elders at an inner London borough day centre. She is admired for her dedication to the community, the less fortunate and to her ability to work with colleagues towards a better and healthier future for all Londoners.


Caroline Rodgers social worker understands how important it is to create equal opportunities for all individuals, as well as the need for change with the way people think about and approach workplace opportunity for members of the homeless population. Her goal is, and has always been, to be of better and more effective service to the underprivileged, and to make a difference when, wherever and however she can.

Rodgers is a credit to the field of social work, and to the generosity and altruism of volunteers everywhere.


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