Caroline Rodgers Social Worker – Ending Domestic Violence for Good

social worker_4

Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker has long been involved in the London community, and has continually devoted much of her time and energy towards creating a better, more sustainable future for all throughout the city. Some of her current volunteer work focuses on ending the scourge of domestic violence, something she is striving towards through her partnership with the Women’s Aid organization.

Women’s Aid seeks to provide the support and assistance women need to escape the terror and abuse of domestic violence, and to take real steps towards freeing themselves of this terrible situation. By working alongside the caring professionals of Women’s Aid, Caroline Rodgers social worker is able to fill a vital role in the fight to end domestic violence once and for all, and to see to it that women will soon never have to face the threat of an abusive relationship ever again.

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Caroline Rodgers social worker has an extensive career of caring for the needs of others, particularly those of London’s underprivileged children population. She found her calling in social work many years ago, and has been pursuing a better, healthier and more supportive London community for all since earning her CSQW from the University of North London in 1994. From the beginning of her social work career at the London Borough of Haringey, she has been seeking a better, brighter and more positive future for children and women across the London landscape.

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Caroline Rodgers has an in-depth understanding of and experience with the suffering children and women often undergo in an abusive family or relationship, having worked with numerous domestic violence victims throughout her career. Her hope is, and always has been, to one day end the threat of domestic violence for good.


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