Caroline Rodgers Social Worker – Places to Visit in Lake District


Lake District is a wonderful place for sightseers, recreation enthusiasts and day vacationers to visit and enjoy the serenity and idyllic beauty of the English countryside. As Caroline Rodgers, social worker knows, Lake District provides people a wonderful opportunity to escape from the endless hustle and bustle of the big city, and to experience a peaceful and cathartic landscape filled with natural wonder.

An avid walker, Caroline Rodgers frequents Lake District region often, and seeks to provide first-time visitors some of her favorite, most recommended destinations.

Treetop Trek

Treetop trek, as Rodgers knows, offers a wonderful spot for the visiting family, as well as numerous opportunities to exercise and participate in entertaining outdoor activities. Numerous swings, bridges and even ziplines provide the family endless hours of quality entertainment and outdoor fun.

Catbells Lakeland Walk

A Keswick resident favorite, the Catbells Lakeland Walk provides the hiking enthusiast the opportunity to partake in an incredible exercise opportunity while experiencing some of the most fantastic views and breathtaking scenery in the district. Many, such As Caroline Rodgers social worker, consider Catbells to be the quintessential Lake District experience.

Lake District National Park

This rich, expansive and beautiful national park provides an abundance of recreational activity, including windsurfing, kayaking, cycling, hiking and more. The park, as Rodgers knows, also offers visitors an amazing opportunity to learn about England’s history, putting people face-to-face with a myriad of historic homes, various stone circles, early English settlements and much, much more. Caroline Rodgers, social worker seeks out any chance she gets to make a visit to the park.


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