Social care by Finola Moss

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On Tuesday afternoon, some 3 days after the final hissy fit, we received our first communication from anyone.

It was an email from our social worker, as follows; ‘ I met with X and Y from the agency yesterday. Agency will no longer be supporting Isabel. Agency have ended their contract with Social Care and will no longer provide staff to work with Isabel. Please can we discuss’.

So endeth, mine and Issy ’s, 18 month relationship with the carers in kitchen.

A damning indictment on an agency, who purport to be ‘committed in developing our services to be a continuous, responsive and reflect the services required’.

And the two workers who left us, after nearly a year of knowing us, high and dry, without explanation, looking forward to a day out.

But then how is ‘Social Care’ accountable?

Obviously not by conscience and humanity.

You can make a complaint…

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