Caroline Rodgers – Social Worker Recommends Making a Visit to Cornwall

Caroline Rodgers, social worker is an adamant walker, and continues to demonstrate her love for walking through participation in several cross country walks across the idyllic English countryside each and every year. Many of these walks are made through places unfamiliar to Rodgers, though they commonly take her through one of her favorite places to visit: Cornwall.

As an enthusiast of the coastal area of Cornwall, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, has developed a special fondness for several of the incredible sights and attractions of the Cornwall area. She provides a list of these favorites below.

St. Michael’s Mount

Every time Rodgers happens to walk through Cornwall, she is sure to visit St. Michael’s Mount, a famous and restored medieval monastery that provides every visitor a lesson in English history, presenting people the chance to experience an authentic and ancient English monastery built originally in the 1600s.

Lamorran House Garden

A Mediterranean-style garden famous for its lush and pristine landscaping, the Lamarran House Garden makes an excellent stop for any new or seasoned traveler. Visitors such as Caroline Rodgers social worker, often enjoy sitting amongst the many horticultural beauties that adorn the Lamorran garden scape; to see the sheer beauty and majesty of nature up close and personal.

Port Isaac

The tiny town of Port Isaac is an enduring favorite for Caroline Rodgers, who never misses the chance to take in the quaintness and beauty of this charming, Cornwall fishing port during one of her extended countryside walks. A definite must-see, she says, for anyone new to the Cornwall region.


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