Caroline Rodgers Social Worker – Music Enthusiast

London has a rich and storied musical history, and is considered the birthplace of some of the most talented and successful musicians and music groups to have ever graced the international stage. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, is proud to live and work in an area with such a large and resonating musical legacy, and shares many Londoners love of music, browsing record stores, experiencing live music and even learning how to play the guitar.


There are several ways Caroline Rodgers, social worker, pursues her love of music and the music scene. These are listed below.

Live London Shows

As a social worker Caroline Rodgers enjoys a busy professional lifestyle, though she never hesitates to kick back and visit any one of a number of London pubs that feature live music on a nightly basis. These live music shows allow Rodgers to stay knowledgeable and up to date on any up and comers in the music scene, viewing them before they one day hit the big time.

London Record Shops

Rodgers, a passionate music fan and collector, appreciates music of every genre, and enjoys browsing through one of London’s many notable record shops in order to obtain a hidden musical gem she’s long been searching for. Sorting through various artist’s albums is one of her favorite pastimes.


Music Training

Not only does Caroline Rodgers, social worker enjoy frequenting live shows, and browsing through record stores; she also enjoys spending much of her free time improving her talent of both the saxophone and the guitar. She continues to find much joy in playing musical instruments, and continues to learn and improve every day.


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