Caroline Rodgers Social Worker : A Strong Advocate for Adoption

Caroline Rodgers social worker has long been a proponent for adoption, believing in this powerful, yet often simple way, to place disadvantaged, orphaned and abandoned children into the loving homes and families they need and deserve. Having been in the social work field for much of her professional life, Rodgers has been a firsthand witness to some of the terrible situations of abuse, poverty and neglect many needy children are forced to endure on a daily basis, fueling her advocacy for both adoption and for anyone seeking to participate in the process.

social worker_3

Many children, as Caroline Rodgers social worker knows, come from situations of abuse, poverty and dysfunction, making it difficult, if not impossible, for many young people to have access to the opportunities many of us take for granted. Adoption, she believes, provides many underprivileged children with a great relief valve; a way out of a bad situation and into a one of hope, love and support they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Many children are surrendered to social workers, such as Caroline Rodgers, due to a bad situation of unfit parents. These social workers, because of the nature of their profession, are then able to move these children through the adoption process more quickly, and to connect disadvantaged children with loving homes safely, quickly and expediently.

social worker_2

Caroline Rodgers believes that every child deserves the chance to grow up in the care of loving people, and to have equal access to the same opportunities enjoyed by wealthier populations. She continues to advocate for adoption as a powerful way to create a better situation for every underprivileged child.


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