Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker: A Qualified, Educated and Experienced Professional

Social work is a great way to demonstrate one’s commitment and dedication to the community, to society and to social justice. Caroline Rodgers, social worker has spent many years serving the city of London by standing up for the safety, protection and equal opportunity of children and women suffering through the unfortunate circumstances of poverty, disability and domestic violence.

She earned her Bachelor of Science, and her Certificate of Qualified Social Worker, from the accredited University of North London in 1994, and became a member of the British Association of Social Workers, or BASW, in 1998. A long-time professional in the London community, Caroline Rodgers, social worker has primarily focused her work on adoption, child protection and children with disabilities throughout several London boroughs, and has been important to the development and assessment of programs that have better addressed the issues of domestic violence, homelessness, child abuse and more.

Prior to her work in the field of social work, Caroline Rodgers, social worker generously volunteered her time to important local causes, including Women’s Aid and a local day centre. She is now a member of a local walking group, and is a passionate fan of both listening and learning how to play music.


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