Caroline Rodgers Social Worker – A Strong Advocate for Adoption

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Caroline Rodgers, social worker has long been a proponent for adoption, believing in this powerful, yet often simple way, to place disadvantaged, orphaned and abandoned children into the loving homes and families they need and deserve. Having been in the social work field for much of her professional life, Rodgers has been a firsthand witness to some of the terrible situations of abuse, poverty and neglect many needy children are forced to endure on a daily basis, fueling her advocacy for both adoption and for anyone seeking to participate in the process.

Many children, as Caroline Rodgers, social worker knows, come from situations of abuse, poverty and dysfunction, making it difficult, if not impossible, for many young people to have access to the opportunities many of us take for granted. Adoption, she believes, provides many underprivileged children with a great relief valve; a way out of a bad situation and into a one of hope, love and support they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Many children are surrendered to social workers, such as Caroline Rodgers, due to a bad situation of unfit parents. These social workers, because of the nature of their profession, are then able to move these children through the adoption process more quickly, and to connect disadvantaged children with loving homes safely, quickly and expediently.

Caroline Rodgers believes that every child deserves the chance to grow up in the care of loving people, and to have equal access to the same opportunities enjoyed by wealthier populations. She continues to advocate for adoption as a powerful way to create a better situation for every underprivileged child.


Caroline Rodgers Social Worker : The Importance of Integrity to Social Work

It may seem obvious to many, but the idea of integrity maintenance is an important aspect of any profession, as well as the successful function and operation of most any organization or institution. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, has many years of experience working in the field of social work, as well as espousing the importance of social justice, ethics and human equality.

As a long time part of such an important social institution, she knows how vital individual integrity is to the work she has done; a key component in the continued success of social work and its indispensable benefits to society.


Professional integrity, as Caroline Rodgers social worker knows, is achieved in social work in five basic ways.

Working to Maintain the Reputation and Values of Social Work

Every social worker, says Caroline Rodgers, should do everything in their power to uphold and follow the values of the social work profession, and should always avoid doing anything that may reflect badly on the profession or the work they’ve committed to do.

Maintaining Honesty

Being open, dependable and, most of all, honest, is key to good social work. Social workers need to always clearly explain their role in a particular situation, and to never attempt to deceive or manipulate the people that are benefiting from their services.

Keeping Professional Boundaries

As a social worker, Caroline Rodgers firmly established the appropriate boundaries necessary to avoid unscrupulous or inappropriate relationships with colleagues and the users of her services. Abuse, personal benefit, financial gain or other obtained through social work is unacceptable, and should be avoided at all costs.


Thoughtful, Balanced Reasoning

Every decision and/or judgment made by the professional social worker should be rendered considering all the aspects and factors of the situation and/or person, and should be based on solid reasoning and thoughtful approach. Never rush to judgment without due consideration of all the factors involved.

Maintain Accountability

Caroline Rodgers social worker, recognizes the importance of accountability when it comes to social work. She understands that every professional must be prepared to be held accountable for every decision and action taken in the course of their work. Social workers should be accountable to the public, the people they serve, colleagues, their employers, etc.

Caroline Rodgers Social Worker – University of North London Has a Rich Academic Legacy


The University of North London recently joined forces with London Guildhall University to form London Metropolitan University, a notable and respected name in London-area academics. Though the University of North London no longer technically exists, 1994 graduate Caroline Rodgers, social worker believes the spirit of the university and its rich academic legacy live in through London Metropolitan.

Caroline Rodgers social worker earned both her BSc hons in Social Science, as well as her Certificate of Qualified Social Worked, from the esteemed institution over 20 years ago, and continues to proudly represent the honor and virtue of the North London’s strong academic history, impact and legacy when and wherever she can. Now a genuine contributor to the community, as well as a highly-valued professional, Rodgers continues to benefit from the comprehensive, quality education she received at the University of North London, and to put her academic success to work in the form of serving others.


Caroline Rodgers social worker fondly looks back on the incredible experience she enjoyed at the University of North London, one that helped to shape her into the productive, effective and caring social work professional she is today. Though North London’s curriculum was at times very challenging, even grueling, it provided her the strong educational background and experience she needed to make a difference for the London community for many years to come.

Caroline Rodgers is grateful to the UNL faculty for the incredible commitment they made to mold and shape people’s lives for so many years.

25% Of Americans Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism

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While Americans are preached that “free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity,” it appears that not everyone is buying it. Whether it is the failure of prosperity to trickle down (and the inequality that has been created) or just the herd-like need to be told what to do (and never take risks), Pew Research finds a stunning25% of Americans do not believe people are better off in a free market system – implicitly preferring centrally-planned lives. Ironically, belief in the free market tends to be highest in developing countries while in Japan and Spain, a majority prefer to be managed than free.

Belief in the free market tends to be highest in developing countries (median of 71%). Nearly two-thirds or more in all nine of the developing economies surveyed agree that most people benefit from capitalism, including 80% of Bangladeshis, 75% of Ghanaians and 74%…

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Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker: Every Child Deserves Help

Social worker Caroline Rodgers cares about providing opportunity and hope to disadvantaged children, and to do her best to make a difference for a population often without the means or ability to escape a bad situation. Her goal has always been to provide young people an escape from the detrimental effects of such factors as homelessness, abuse, poverty and other negative circumstances that are far beyond their control.

Caroline Rodgers, social worker attended the University of North London, and earned her CQSW from the well-known and respected institution in 1994. Since that time, she has been ever dedicated to the idea that every child deserves the love and support of the community, as well as an equal chance to rise above and beyond negative circumstances to pursue their dreams. Rodgers has worked tirelessly every day to improve the quality of life for children throughout the London community, and to show children the possibilities of a better situation and a better life.

Caroline Rodgers social worker has been an effective, caring and compassionate professional her entire career, and has successfully developed programs to provide families the support they need to build more stable and secure living environments. She has made a tangible, positive and lasting contribution to the disadvantaged of London, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of many in such desperate need of compassion and support.

Rodgers wants no child to suffer through the damaging effects of abuse, neglect, homelessness or poverty. She strives to eliminate these possibilities and to show children that there is, indeed, hope for the future.