Caroline Rodgers Social Worker – University of North London Has a Rich Academic Legacy


The University of North London recently joined forces with London Guildhall University to form London Metropolitan University, a notable and respected name in London-area academics. Though the University of North London no longer technically exists, 1994 graduate Caroline Rodgers, social worker believes the spirit of the university and its rich academic legacy live in through London Metropolitan.

Caroline Rodgers social worker earned both her BSc hons in Social Science, as well as her Certificate of Qualified Social Worked, from the esteemed institution over 20 years ago, and continues to proudly represent the honor and virtue of the North London’s strong academic history, impact and legacy when and wherever she can. Now a genuine contributor to the community, as well as a highly-valued professional, Rodgers continues to benefit from the comprehensive, quality education she received at the University of North London, and to put her academic success to work in the form of serving others.


Caroline Rodgers social worker fondly looks back on the incredible experience she enjoyed at the University of North London, one that helped to shape her into the productive, effective and caring social work professional she is today. Though North London’s curriculum was at times very challenging, even grueling, it provided her the strong educational background and experience she needed to make a difference for the London community for many years to come.

Caroline Rodgers is grateful to the UNL faculty for the incredible commitment they made to mold and shape people’s lives for so many years.